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Cara the Very Anxious Capybara

This project aimed to look at how using illustration in children’s literature could approach the topic of anxiety in a relatable, accessible, and appropriate way. 

Capybaras are calm and chilled out, but Cara is a capybara, and she doesn’t feel that way. In fact, she feels the exact opposite!

Join Cara as she goes on a walk, makes some new friends, and finds out how other animals cope with feeling anxious!


As part of my Master's project I have written and illustrated a children’s book about an anxious capybara called Cara, who meets other animals who tell her how they cope with their worries. The use of colourful, watercolour illustrations and playful animal character designs create engaging visuals for children to interact with. The narrative aims to begin a conversation between parent and child about anxiety, whilst still being light-hearted and fun. 

The book is available to preview and buy here!

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